Cross CLAHRC Care Homes
15 Oct 2018

Cross CLAHRC Care Homes

Published Date: 15 Oct 2018

Care Homes (CH) has been identified as a national cross-CLAHRC theme. This work built on the NIHR Dissemination Themed Review report that Claire Goodman supported on NIHR funded care home research. Under CLAHRC EoE leadership, a steering group comprising lead CLAHRC CH researchers was established to deliver the theme’s aims.

Care Homes research summary paper – a scoping exercise of CH research, 32 projects and 6 systematic reviews from ten CLAHRCs were identified and summarised. This paper articulated how CLAHRCs’ CH research has focused on the needs of patients and supported research evidence translation across health and social care.

Cross-CLAHRC care homes event November 2017-  Presentations  showcased CLAHRCs CH focused research, demonstrating its regional and national impact and how working with different organisations could inform further work that is innovative, sustainable and for the long term benefits of residents. Specifically, it addressed data integration, co-design approaches to research and was novel in giving prominence to social care, with presentations and delegate representation from care home owners and managers. It was oversubscribed, with delegates also representing ten CLAHRCs, NIHR, charities, AHSNs, NHS health care and lay groups. Facilitated groups discussed recommendations from the presentations; research priorities; and the particular role of CLAHRCs for care homes research. (Event summary report)

Briefing to NIHR HS&DR - Louise Wallace, Senior Scientific Adviser NIHR HS&DR attended the event, and requested a briefing on big interventions needed to improve how care homes are aligned to and work with the NHS. Written by CLAHRC EoE (with steering group sign-off) the briefing utilised material and messages from the event and was submitted December 2017.

CLAHRC EoE has demonstrated success in creating a collaboration of co-operation and expertise exchange for national reach and impact across organisations

Contribution of CLAHRC East of England

CLAHRC EoE leads the cross-CLAHRC care homes theme. To date this has meant funding and staff time dedicated to the organisation and delivery of the outputs – research summary paper; November event; briefing document; and pulling together a writing group to respond to an NIHR HS&DR bid. CLAHRCs collaborative ethos and relationship building success drove stakeholder engagement and cross sector involvement (industry, third sector, NHS, PPI and social care) in the event and the subsequent writing group.  

CLAHRC EoE has demonstrated success in creating a collaboration of co-operation and expertise exchange for national reach and impact across organisations.

What happened next?

The specification document for the NIHR HS&DR’s call on research in nursing and care homes at scale (18/11) references the care homes theme, event report and directly quotes the briefing. 

A writing group, hosted by Alzheimer’s Society (AS), has drafted a collaborative bid response and will meet again to finalise a first-stage submission. It has secured additional funding for PPI and linked expenses from the NIHR Dementia Portfolio Development Group. Group members represent seven CLAHRCs, NHS England, Age UK, AHSN, AS, Care Providers Alliance, ENRICH, Health and Social Care Innovation Unit, LaingBuisson, National Care Forum, and Somerset Care Group.