CLAHRC IMPACT: Testbed (Health Economics and Outcome Measurement)

CLAHRC IMPACT: Testbed (Health Economics and Outcome Measurement)

Published Date: 8 Oct 2018

CLAHRC YH is a partner in the Sheffield Perfect Patient Pathway (PPP) Test Bed which covers the Sheffield City Region/nine CCGs. PPP aims to use technology to improve the lives of people with long term health conditions.

Evaluation projects focus on the use of technology to improve patient care and outcomes working with industry and innovator partners; these include:

  • People who use insulin to manage their diabetes (industry partner: Insulcheck)
  • Falls prevention (industry partner: Kinesis Health Technologies)
  • Enabling vital sign monitoring (industry partner: Teva)
  • Information for people in care homes to be shared digitally with associated nursing teams and local GPs to avoid adverse outcomes associated with specified vital sign ‘alerts’ (industry partner: Inhealthcare)
  • An SOS UK phone app which provides individuals with an easy way to keep self-recorded health information on their smartphone (industry partner: Humetrix)

CLAHRC YH have provided a technology-related assessment for 446 patients across the projects, and deployed devices within 303 patient-participants’ households/care homes. Through their digital monitoring platform which has been deployed across 7 care homes (67 residents), since November 2017, CLAHRC YH have managed to address 47 ‘alerts’ without escalation to A&E through support provided by Sheffield’s Single Point of Access (SPA) service and further GP support. We will be using routinely collected hospital data alongside statistical and economic evaluation methodology to assess the potential efficacy and cost-effectiveness of the Digital Care Home intervention based on its ability to avoid A&E and hospital inpatient attendances. The evaluation of these intervention-based projects is ongoing.

Contribution of CLAHRC Yorkshire and Humber

Dr Matthew Franklin (MF), as a representative of the Health Economics and Outcome Measurement theme, is a co-applicant for the Sheffield Test Bed evaluation team, involved in the Sheffield Test Bed since inception. Since the start of the Sheffield Test Bed, MF has helped develop each of the intervention-based projects, implementation and evaluation of the projects. MF speciality is economic evaluations alongside research and service evaluations. MF has used his skills to form the ‘value for money’ evaluations for each of the projects as necessary; this has included adapting to the ever changing framework of the Sheffield Test Bed as it attempts to evaluate technologies in real-world settings.

What happened next?

Reports will be developed detailing the evaluation and outcomes from Perfect Patient Pathway. The researchers at CLAHRC YH hope this will inform the roll-out of new technologies, or inform the further testing of new ideas developed so far.

A funding proposal has been coproduced for wave 1.5 of the Test Beds which offers the opportunity to continue testing the technologies for a further 9 more months. We have developed a proposal to continue testing of the Digital Care Home project, with the intention to recruit between 200 to 300 people to use the technology in up to 30 care home across the Sheffield city region.