Adapting the Chance UK mentoring programme

South West Peninsula
Published Date: 24 Jan 2019

The Chance UK mentoring programme is for children in London aged 5-11 years who are reported to be displaying challenging behaviour and emotional problems at school and at home. A recent randomised controlled trial (RCT) of the programme found no effect on the main outcomes of interest, identifying factors connected with implementation fidelity, target group and intervention content as potentially responsible. An internal review by Chance UK also identified aspects of the intervention that could be improved.

PenCLAHRC Associate Professor Dr Nick Axford will work with Chance UK to co-design evidence-informed adaptations to the mentoring programme in order to address concerns identified by Chance UK’s internal review. Rapid cycle testing methodology will evaluate and highlight relevant adaptations alongside a review of the evidence on the effectiveness of youth mentoring and associated factors of success.

Analysis of data from the RCT and Chance UK database will facilitate a better understanding of the needs of those children served by the programme and its effective delivery and in following workshops with Chance UK, staff and trustees the results will contribute to the re-design of the Chance UK mentoring programme and inform the wider literature on mentoring in terms of how such programmes can be improved.

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