Ascertaining differences in the ‘assessments for frailty’ in nursing homes

North West London
Published Date: 24 Sep 2019

A recently published study led by NIHR funded PhD student, Mr David Sunkersing, suggests that frailty may still be primarily viewed only in terms of physical health – and not all physical, social, mental and environmental domains of frailty may be routinely assessed. The study used an online survey to ascertain the ‘assessments for frailty’ used in nursing homes across North-West London, where there is a current lack of research. Great variation existed in the characteristics of the reported ‘assessments for frailty’ in nursing homes, including the professions using the assessments and how they were stored. Notably, the study additionally identified a significant difference in the number of assessments used in corporate chain owned nursing homes versus independently owned nursing homes. Continuing to view frailty only in terms of physical health could result in severe consequences for patients, staff and healthcare settings.

Research illustrates that frailty is a broad, multifactorial health state and, as such, an overall ‘assessment for frailty’ should reflect this. Please follow this link to access the publication and visit the NIHR CLAHRC NWL Blog to learn more about this study.