Building Capacity in Quality Improvement Using Bite-Sized eLearning

North West LondonGeneric Health Relevance
Published Date: 18 Apr 2019

QI4U’s content is peer-reviewed and based on rigorous research and ten years of experience from healthcare professionals, managers, patients, academics and service users who have experience in large scale QI projects giving users trusted quality. 

The current modules available are:

  • Action Effect Method
  • Mental and Physical Wellbeing
  • Public and Patient Engagement/Involvement
  • Process Mapping
  • Long Term Success
  • Stakeholder Engagement
  • Play-Do-Study-Act cycles
  • Measurement for Improvement

On completion of a course, users receive a downloadable course completion certificate, accredited for CPD through the Royal College of Physicians, UK.

QI4U not only overcomes barriers of traditional learning mechanisms but also tackles geographical limits for learning across boundaries. QI4U is targeted towards but not limited to frontline clinicians, academics, patients, public and service users. QI4U allows individuals, teams and organisations to have a common language and shared understanding of QI terms and methods and how to do implement QI well in practice. 

Visit the NIHR CLAHRC NWL Blog to hear what Vimal Sriram, Learning and Improvement Fellow, has to say about QI4U and bite-sized learning.