GM-SAT re-launch

Greater Manchester
Published Date: 12 Dec 2018

The National Clinical Guideline for Stroke and the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence, recommend that stroke survivors should be offered a structured review at six and twelve months post stroke, and annually thereafter. Reviews are an important opportunity to identify issues that have changed or are unmet. It allows stroke survivors and their families to ask any questions they may have and identifies further specialist advice, support, information and rehabilitation that they may need. Unfortunately only about a third of stroke survivors are offered a review and this proportion may be even lower for stroke survivors living in care homes.

CLAHRC-GM identified that the original Greater Manchester Stroke Assessment Tool  (GMSAT) needed further development for those living in care homes. In response, the toolkit was modified through collaboration with a group of professionals experienced in carrying out reviews. A mixed-methods evaluation study then explored the value, acceptability and feasibility of delivery of the modified GM-SAT in a care home setting. The toolkit has been further refined and the  Greater Manchester Stroke Assessment Tool- Version 2 (GM-SAT2) developed. This version was created to support reviews for all stroke survivors, regardless of where they reside.

The GM-SAT2 was launched on the 4th December 2018 at the 13th UK Stroke Forum Conference in Telford. This consists of a range of resources that are all freely available online including:

  • Guidance document – includes tips and information about the principles of a good review. 
  • Review proforma – the document for professionals to use when conducting and recording the review in situ.
  • Summary report – a simple, brief document that summarises the outcomes of a review and documents what actions need to be carried out and by whom 
  • Advance patient information -  to help a stroke survivor understand what to expect from a review and includes space for them to reflect and prepare

All of the GM-SAT2 tools are freely available online.