Household Health Survey

North West Coast
Published Date: 18 Dec 2018

The CLAHRC NWC Household Health Survey (HHS) is a unique resource that aims to longitudinally investigate the determinants of health in disadvantaged neighbourhoods along the North West Coast. The survey will also inform and assess intervention programmes designed to improve health in these communities. The first wave of the survey was conducted in 2015, with a follow up survey in 2018. The survey will be used to 1) develop Neighbourhood Resilience Programmes within deprived neighbourhoods, 2) provide unique insights into the psychological pathways through which the characteristics of neighbourhoods impact on mental health and health care utilisation, and 3) demonstrate the impact that the CLAHRC NWC has had on disadvantaged neighbourhoods.

Public advisors, NHS partners, and Local Authority representatives have been involved throughout the project; assisting with the design and implementation of the survey, as well as co-producing outputs. We have also engaged local residents through workshops, which provided a platform for discussing findings, developing new research questions, and guiding future waves of the survey.

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