The infant outcomes of early discharge of mothers and babies after delivery

West Midlands
Published Date: 29 Nov 2018

In the United Kingdom, new mothers and their babies are often discharged from hospital within a few hours of giving birth, but evidence on the outcomes of this policy is lacking.  West Midlands CLAHRC is exploring the potential impact of early discharge of infants with their mothers following birth in a mixed methods study with three components.  A systematic review which includes RCTs and also good quality observational studies looks at the effect of early on postnatal discharge on maternal and infant outcomes.  A cross sectional study in collaboration with consultant paediatricians has described admissions of infants the rate and characteristics of neonatal admissions over the period 2008/09-2013/14, focussing on conditions amenable to intervention earlier in the care pathway while a qualitative study explores parents’ experiences of their babies admission to hospital shortly after birth.  These projects and their synthesis will provide evidence on the outcomes of the impact on babies of early discharge following delivery, with implications for the support for families with new babies available within the current care pathway. The research will also be the basis of Eleanor Jones’ PhD thesis. For further information contact Eleanor Jones, email or Carole Cummins, email .