Internships at CLAHRC Greater Manchester

Greater Manchester
Published Date: 13 Dec 2018

Developing NMAHPs research capability has the potential to improve patient care. This can be seen in the work of CLAHRC GM interns who are working in clinical practice and their project questions directly relate to current challenges within the NHS. The impact of their work is immediate. They select a topic, review the evidence, conduct a small scale evaluation, and implement the findings.

CLAHRC GM is working with Manchester NHS Foundation Trust and our interns who are employed by them to develop a supportive research capability programme. The programme is being evaluated and has been shown to have a positive impact on interns’ research skills and development. The programme provides a cohesive group, with excellent support from our Trust colleagues. In addition to research skills, staff also get time out to think and reflect on their work, the opportunity to meet colleagues from different fields, and work with research colleagues in their organisations and with researchers at local universities. Having developed an appetite for research, some also go on to further study, such as completing a Masters in Research (MRes) or a Bridging Fellowship.

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