How is Positive Psychotherapy applied in mental health care?

North ThamesMental Health
Published Date: 31 Aug 2016


What was the aim of this research?

The aim was to explore published research to identify how Positive Psychotherapy is applied in mental health care, including how the model is altered when used in practice.

What were the methods?

Researchers systematically reviewed academic papers to investigate how, and how widely, components of PPT are applied.

What were the results?

Papers describing completed research studies widely applied some PPT components (e.g. blessings journal, character strengths) and scarcely applied others (e.g.satisficing plan or family strengths tree). Most evidence papers poorly described the intervention and clinical reasons for applying components of PPT.


Given the lack of rationale for applying PPT, further inquiry is needed to establish which components are acceptable and feasible for use in different patient groups and settings.