Impact of Locally Enhanced Services on diabetes management

West MidlandsMetabolic and Endocrine
Published Date: 1 Feb 2014

Impact of Locally Enhanced Services on diabetes management


  • The number of people diagnosed with diabetes in the UK rose by 50% between 2005 and 2011.
  • The condition is a major challenge to healthcare services worldwide, with diabetes potentially leading to reduced quality of life and an increased mortality, particularly from cardiovascular disease. 
  • In diabetes, patient control of blood pressure, blood sugar (glycaemic) and lipid (cholesterol) levels has been shown to reduce the risk of complications. 
  • The NHS has developed locally enhanced service (LES) initiatives to provide comprehensive care for diabetes patients within their GP practices. 
  • Not all GP practices have participated in the LES initiative. We measured the quality of diabetes care in LES practices and non-LES practices.


  • Using Department of Health data, the study found that GPs offering locally enhanced services (LES) for diabetes were 10% more likely to achieve the NHS targets for control of glycaemic levels.
  • LES practices were also less likely to refer patien