Residents Research – Active in Care Homes (RReACH)

East of EnglandGeneric Health Relevance
Published Date: 1 May 2016

Residents Research – Active in Care Homes (RReACH)


We carried out a systematic literature review to see how older
care-home residents had been involved in research. We interviewed
older care-home residents and care-home staff from different
homes to find out their views on residents being involved in shaping


We are a collaborative team of older care-home residents, older
people from the community, a care-home manager and researchers.

Why and what did we find?

To find out how best to involve older care-home residents as
advisors or partners in research. With appropriate resources and
practices, older care-home residents are interested in being Patient
and Public Involvement (PPI) members in research. Key issues for
active involvement of older care home residents in research were:
respecting individual interests; resources to support building of
relationships; and flexible and adaptable approach of researchers.