Supporting resilience in disadvantaged neighbourhoods

North West Coast
Published Date: 13 Sep 2017

Supporting resilience in disadvantaged neighbourhoods


Local authorities have always played a significant role in addressing the wider ‘social determinants of health’ such as housing, financial security and the living environment. But since 2013 they have also had a much greater responsibility for promoting population health and well being and reducing health inequalities.


Each of the authorities involved in the CLAHRC NWC public health programme has identified a ‘Neighbourhood for Learning’ and is working with CLAHRC NWC researchers to identify resilience related activities already underway or planned in these neighbourhoods. As well as actions initiated by the local authority these will include the activities of other organisations such as the NHS and community and voluntary groups. For each Neighbourhood a comparison area has also been chosen. focusing on developing approaches to enhance resilience in disadvantaged neighbourhoods and evaluating how well they work.


Prof Jennie Popay