South London

The Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care (CLAHRC) South London is a research organisation. It comprises researchers, health professionals and NHS managers working at universities and NHS organisations south of the river Thames.

The collaborators are investigating ways of making sure that healthcare professionals, including GPs, use the latest research to inform their clinical work, and that NHS managers and commissioners make it possible for them to do so. The aim of the south London collaborators is to enable NHS services to offer excellent, evidence-based care to everyone, wherever they live and whatever their background.

The research undertaken by the CLAHRC South London will help improve sevices in eight specialty areas:

  • Alcohol – support and prevention for people who drink alcohol in a risky way
  • Diabetes -  prevention and self-management
  • Infection - reducing the use and misuse of antibiotics
  • Maternity – helping women and their babies to be healthy before, during and after birth
  • Palliative – improving services for people who need palliative or end of life care
  • Psychosis – helping people with psychosis to improve their physical health
  • Stroke – improving services and care for stroke survivors with other health problems
  • Public health – working with health commissioners to ensure their decisions are informed, fair and impartial.