Better management of medical-psychiatric multimorbidity

OxfordGeneric Health Relevance, Mental Health
Start Date: 1 Jan 2014


Our health services typically provide separate services for treating physical and mental illnesses, even where people have both; we call this combination of physical and mental illnesses 'medical-psychiatric multimorbidity'. 

Multimorbidity is a problem because it leads to poorer quality of life and worse outcomes than for patients with only a single form of illness. Treating multimorbidity also tends to be more expensive – due to the separation of mental and physical health care services.


The Better Management of Medical-Psychiatric Multimorbidity theme will research how common multimorbidity is in specific groups of people and aim to understand what forms it takes. This might be, for example, the types and severity of mental health issues, like depression or anxiety, faced by cancer patients.

The research will also try to identify any barriers to improving the care of multimorbid patients. This will be done using techniques such as interviews with patients and the staff responsible for their care.

Prof Michael Sharpe