Building a Secure Base for Personality Disorder (PD) (Mersey Care)

North West CoastMental Health
Start Date: 1 Jul 2017 End Date: 1 Dec 2018

CLAHRC NW aims to explore:  service users’ experiences of the PD Hub; and its impact on their overall mental health and wellbeing. With a view: a) to understanding the factors that have led to the financial savings being made by the service (as identified by previous analysis); and b) to identifying any health inequalities that interfere with the effectiveness of the service so that they can be addressed and further improvements achieved.

The Mersey Care PD Service is unique as it blends different approaches: (1) User led therapeutic communities model [a local Service User Reference Group (presently operationalised as the PD HUB-TCG)] (2) the Leeds PD Network model .

The caseload comprises those with the most complex presentations: High levels of service usage including acute inpatient placement (frequency and duration), ‘crisis’ contact with emergency services and the use of out of area placements (OATS), often with non-NHS providers.

One hundred weeks of intensive case management are offered, using Structured Clinical Management2 . If service users are precontemplative for this psychological intervention more conventional care co-ordination is offered, with detailed care plans to manage crises.

Ms Kathia Sullivan