Childhood growth and asthma and other allergic diseases in the Born in Bradford cohort

Yorkshire & HumberRespiratory
Start Date: 1 Jan 2014


One in eight children in the UK are currently being treated for Asthma.  The CLAHRC Yorkshire & Humber team is using data collected from health records of children in the Born in Bradford cohort study to look at levels of wheeze and asthma in Bradford.  They will look into how are these conditions treated and how can we improve care.  

Aims of the study

To determine the prevalence of childhood allergic respiratory diseases using cluster analysis of primary care data linked to Born in Bradford (BiB).

To determine specific childhood asthma phenotypes using the wheezing symptoms from data recorded in primary care. 

To describe the pattern of growth since birth and assess if there is any difference in growth trajectories between different asthma phenotypes.

To investigate the role of modifiable risk factors related to the mother and child in the development of childhood asthma in relation to the specific asthma phenotypes identified above.

To map the cohort and assess if there is significant difference between asthmatic and non-asthmatic study participants in relation to environmental and social factors and the distance to primary and secondary health services.

Dr Emily Petherick