Children with Medical Complexity

West Midlands
Start Date: 29 Nov 2018

Children with medical complexity (CMC) have substantial family-identified service needs, multiple chronic and severe conditions, functional limitations, and high health care use. They are a small but fast growing population of children who account for less than 1% of the child population but an estimated one-third of all child health spending. Caring for CMC can be challenging for parents. West Midlands CLAHRC are investigating how parents in this context might be better supported within hospital settings with a qualitative study exploring how parents of CMC cope with their child’s hospital admissions, a scoping review of 65 parent support interventions for parents of children with existing health problems, and a separate systematic review to address quality of the evidence and quantify intervention effects that will include at least 38 randomised control trials, all of which are nearing completion. To take this work forward a qualitative multi-site student research project will be supervised by the CLARCH team to explore what works well for discharge of children with medical complexity from the perspective of hospital and community staff, from a selection of specialist and general hospitals in England.

Sally Bradshaw, Senior Research Fellow - CLAHRC Theme 1, Email: