The CLAHRC NWC Household Health Survey (HSS)

North West CoastGeneric Health Relevance
Start Date: 1 Jul 2015

CLAHRC NWC is proposing to conduct a household health survey within selected neighbourhoods within the CLAHRC NWC area, which will support the Public Health, Improving Mental Health and Managing Complex Needs themes. 

The Household Health Survey is intended to support the aims and objectives of three CLAHRC NWC themes (Improving Mental Health, Managing Complex Needs and Public Health). It is one of three dimensions of a research resource that will enable robust evaluation of actions aiming to reduce health inequalities in disadvantaged neighbourhoods. These actions are being designed in collaboration with CLAHRC partners in Local Authorities, NHS and with PPI representatives. In addition, capacity building in relation to the household Survey involves opportunities for our partners and residents of the survey neighbourhoods to obtain training in household survey development and implementation.

Clarissa Giebel