Dementia care home diagnosis

Start Date: 1 Apr 2016 End Date: 30 Sep 2019

Dementia Diagnosis Pathway Re-design. Dementia diagnosis in care homes

The problem

There is a national drive to improve the proportion of people who have a confirmed diagnosis of dementia. The prevalence of dementia in care homes is poorly documented, and it is unclear whether there is a disproportionately low diagnosis rate. 

Who should diagnose dementia in this group, and how best to do it remains uncertain. There is little data on what constitutes good post-diagnostic support in this setting.

The solution

Researchers at CLAHRC Wessex have developed a toolkit for dementia diagnosis in a care-home setting. This is being implemented in care homes in Wessex. They are also surveying care home managers and using available data sources to identify the scale of the dementia diagnosis gap in care homes.

Expected outcome

This study aims to:

  • Improve dementia early diagnosis through better utilisation of brain imaging
  • Improve clinician confidence and use of imaging diagnostic reports 
  • Provide training material to improve skills in clinicians reporting SPECT brain scans
  • Improve predictions of prognosis and impending care needs through analysis of diagnostic brain images
Dr Christopher Kipps