Design and selection of integrated care models: a multi-criteria decision analysis

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Start Date: 10 Mar 2017

Design and selection of integrated care models: a multi-criteria decision analysis

The problem

The NHS five year forward view details the importance of integration of health and social care services to improve the quality and cost of patient care.  However, there are limited examples of how health and social care can work together in a cost-effective manner and a paucity of information about how to make a strategic decision about how to integrate services. 

Our solution

CLAHRC Wessex’s Data Science Hub is working with Solent NHS Trust to identify and prioritise strategic options for integrating health and social care services.  The hub is providing qualitative operational research expertise to develop the strategic options and the criteria that will be used to prioritise.   The hub will also provide health economic expertise to cost potential options.  The hub will then conduct a multi-criteria decision analysis (MCDA) that involves the key problem stakeholders.  This solution provides a consistent and transparent model of the decision problem and stakeholder preferences.  MCDA can combine both quantitative and qualitative criteria for choosing and tests the robustness of options given the stakeholders assumptions / preferences. 


By the end of the project we aim to have:

1. Identified a key patient population 

2. Defined multiple competing strategic options for integration of services

3. Defined and operationalised specific criteria to distinguish between options

4. Prioritised/shortlisted a small number of integration options.  

5. Demonstrated the relative trade-offs (advantages and disadvantages) between options.

Dr Tom Monks