Develop, test and implement novel system-wide approaches to identifying, targeting and managing people with stroke who have multiple morbidities

South LondonStroke
Start Date: 2 Jan 2014 End Date: 31 Dec 2018

Making better use of information that is regularly and routinely collected about stroke survivors

Every day, GPs and other healthcare professionals record information about patients and decisions about their care. Members of the CLAHRC South London stroke research team want to create a new electronic system that is capable of storing all this information in one place in order to ultimately help offer better care to stroke survivors who have a number of different health problems.

The research team is developing a prototype of an advanced information system that can allow medical records and other information collected about stroke survivors to be used for research; to help plan services; and to inform healthcare professionals’ decisions.

The prototype will use information about stroke survivors who live in Lambeth.

’This project is about making better use of routine data that is already collected to improve the quality of care, initially locally,’ says Dr Uy Hoang. ‘We are designing a system that can bring together routine data from different sources into one new database which can be used for different purposes. We are designing different functions which will make the system useful for different users – researchers, healthcare professionals and commissioners of services.’

Professor Charles Wolfe