DIAMONDS - Diabetes and Mental Illness: Improving Outcomes and Services

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Start Date: 24 Sep 2018

DIAMONDS - Diabetes and Mental Illness: Improving Outcomes and Services

People with a severe mental illness (such as schizophrenia or bipolar disorder) have poorer physical health and a shorter life expectancy compared to the general population. Diabetes contributes to this inequality; people with severe mental illness are 2-3 times more likely to develop diabetes and to experience more diabetic complications (such as blindness, kidney problems, strokes, and death).

The DIAMONDS research programme aims to address this inequality by constructing an evidence base which can shape service provision. The DIAMONDS programme encompasses a range of workstreams including: literature reviews; EMERALD, a mixed methods study comprising longitudinal patient record analysis and qualitative interviews; DAWN-SMI, a questionnaire survey of patients, family carers and health care staff; and, most recently, the DIAMONDS programme grant, which aims to develop and evaluate a self-management intervention for people with severe mental illness and diabetes. We will also explore whether this approach is relevant to other chronic health conditions by developing a programme for people who live with severe mental illness and chronic lung disease.

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