The ED-AKI-P Implementation Study

East MidlandsRenal and Urogenital
Start Date: 1 Jan 2015 End Date: 30 Jun 2017

An educational intervention to prevent acute kidney injury in primary care: The ED-AKI-P Implementation Study

What we are doing:

We have developed a new education package for primary healthcare professionals and patients. This will teach them about risks of new kidney weakness, give advice about how to combat and prevent it from occurring. This project will also use a new software tool – IMPAKT EVOLVE-AKI – to extract information from primary care systems and combine this with hospital data to identify developing kidney weakness much more accurately in primary care.

Why are we doing it:

Acute kidney injury (AKI) is a common cause of excess morbidity and mortality amongst patients with long-term conditions and is a common finding in patients admitted acutely into hospital. Although the disease commonly develops in the community, there is little evidence to guide identification of patients at risk or how best to educate healthcare workers in primary care to improve the care of patients at risk of AKI.

We intend to implement our new education package more widely in primary care. We will then test how effectively the education has been implemented and whether it has a significant effect on the number of episodes of new kidney weakness developing in primary care.

What the benefits will be:

We calculate that we will need to provide this education to 36 practices to be able to determine accurately whether the programme significantly reduces new kidney weakness. Advice we have received from colleagues in primary care indicates that they are very interested in this education programme, and we believe that a positive result from this study will lead to rapid and wide implementation of this combined programme of education and data analysis to the benefit of patients across the UK.

Who we are working with:

The study will be co-ordinated by investigators based at:

  • University Hospitals of Leicester NHS Trust
  • University of Leicester
  • Royal Derby Hospital
  • Nottingham University Hospitals NHS Trust
  • Nottingham City CCG
  • Leicester City CCG
  • EM Cardiovascular Strategic Clinical Network

The study will be supported by the University of Leicester Clinical Trials Unit.

Professor Nigel Brunskill