Emergency Care Flow at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital

North West LondonInjuries and Accidents
Start Date: 1 Jan 2014 End Date: 31 Mar 2015

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital Unscheduled Care

Project aim

Chelsea and Westminster Hospital is a recognised high performing NHS trust in unscheduled and emergency care. However, recent years have seen unforeseen challenges afflict all hospitals, leading to bad press, and worse, poor care. In order to evaluate any changes that have been taking place within Chelsea and Westminster’s processes, and to provide a forensic analysis for any changes that might befall the unscheduled and emergency care at the hospital, workshops, audits, and peer review was carried out. These were to ensure best practice is known and carried out, that data was properly translated into information that could help both decision makers and clinical staff, and dissenting voices could be heard and potentially learned from.

Outcome & Impact statement 

Multiple workshops were carried out to gauge professional opinion and build a hospital-wide sense of the changing environment faced by the urgent and emergency care professionals. The end of these workshops was a capacity building experience to share learning across the professionals, and work towards the aim of a high performing emergency flow hospital. A further audit was performed, evaluating all patients in the hospital for readiness to be discharged and evaluating the reasons why this was or was not the case. This audit was performed in tandem with an expert peer review evaluating all wards of the hospital, sharing learning, casting fresh eyes over the system, and offering potential actions to maintain the hospital as the high performing healthcare facility it is.

What happened next?

Recommended actions for improving patient care and healthcare provision have been submitted as a final output. These actions, allied with a narrative provided by data analysis and professional anecdotes, should serve to further improve healthcare provision at Chelsea and Westminster Hospital.

Dr Tom Woodcock