Enhancing wellbeing and quality of Life in Motor Neurone Disease (MND) (The Walton Centre) 

North West CoastNeurological
Start Date: 1 Jul 2017 End Date: 1 Dec 2018

Increasing evidence shows that services for people with Motor Neurone Disease (MND) need to address strategies to enhance psychological and social care in addition to physical needs . This project aims to educate staff about the importance of psychological and social wellbeing in Quality of Life (QoL) to people with MND, joining these with recent findings of the Trajectories of Outcome in Neurological Conditions (TONiC) research via a one-off workshop. This work also takes into account the need to impact on reducing inequalities in health. As the Marmot review (2010) detailed, this is not just a nice thing to do, but a matter of social justice.

CLAHRC NWC will evaluate the effectiveness of communication and engagement strategies with multidisciplinary teams, in order to inform changes in practice and service provision and ultimately improve the wellbeing of MND patients.


Ms Gillian Medley