Evaluation of “Your Neighbourhood” pilot project, Weston-super-Mare

WestPublic Health
Start Date: 1 Nov 2015 End Date: 1 Aug 2016

Evaluation of “Your Neighbourhood” pilot project, Weston-super-Mare


Asset-based community development (ABCD) approaches to developing local communities are increasingly popular in the UK. They focus on the strengths (or assets) in a community rather than the more traditional ‘deficits’ approach taken by organisations to identify needs. Assets can include physical spaces, institutions, community groups and associations as well as the skills of local residents.

There is little robust evidence regarding the implementation and effectiveness of ABCD. This project will provide an early review of a pilot ABCD project called ‘Your Neighbourhood’ being rolled out in Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset.

We will assess if the ‘Your Neighbourhood’ project is being delivered in accordance with the ABCD principles and whether ABCD is appropriate and acceptable in the local context. Perceptions and experiences of stakeholders, including local professionals and residents, will be explored.

Project aims

The aim of this project is to evaluate the implementation of the ‘Your Neighbourhood’ pilot and inform future development of the project.

Anticipated impacts

The evaluation will identify strengths and weaknesses of the pilot. This will inform project development to support the delivery of its aims:

  • to increase connections amongst people living in the area
  • to improve the sustainability of existing groups and activities
  • to improve pride in the local area
Emily van de Venter