Evaluation of the GP recruitment process in the UK

West MidlandsGeneric Health Relevance
Start Date: 1 Jan 2014

Project summary

There is national concern that too few General Practice doctors (GPs) are being trained, but any lowering of selection standards may result in unacceptable increases in remediation costs (and threats to patient safety) if poorer trainees are appointed.  Consequently, Health Education England (HEE) has commissioned this evaluation to see if the GP recruitment process is fit for purpose.

This evaluation investigates the reliability, validity, educational impact, acceptability of the method to the stakeholders, and cost of the GP recruitment process. Reliability will be investigated within a multilevel framework to increase the factors that can be included in generalizability analysis. Likewise, multi-facet Rasch modelling will allow modelling of examiner, simulator and case differences. Differential validity and differential prediction analyses will allow exploration of issues related to fairness in greater depth and provide more accurate estimates for the economic analyses than could be otherwise undertaken.  Cost-effectiveness analyses will provide estimates of the impact of potential changes to selection on GP summative assessments. Educational impact and acceptability will be investigated using surveys of applicants.

Dr Celia Taylor