Evaluation of the impact of the GP Specification upon health care activity, quality of general practice and patient experience

North West CoastGeneric Health Relevance
Start Date: 8 Nov 2016 End Date: 1 May 2018


Liverpool as a city has long struggled with health inequalities between the most affluent and most deprived areas. The Liverpool General Practice Specification (GP Specification) was conceived against a background of significant variation within general practice in the city. The Liverpool General Practice Specification was developed as a single contract which included a standardised range of services to be offered by general practices in Liverpool. The aim of developing a single specification was to offer consistency of service provision to an agreed quality standard for all patients in the city


To determine the impact that the implementation of the GP Specification (a quality contract) has made upon healthcare activity, quality of general practice and patient experience over a 5-year period. Assessed against 4 key areas, which are:

  • Changes in the management of Long Term Conditions
  • Changes in the use of secondary care resources
  • Changes in health inequalities
  • Changes in the behaviour/system changes in General Practice


  • Improved collaborative working with partners 
  • Enhanced involvement of patients as equal partners
  • Improved frontline engagement through qualitative feedback
  • Embedding evaluation in commissioning processes

Next steps

  • Continue with practice interviews
  • Patient focus group to review interim findings
  • Develop final evaluation report
  • Dissemination findings