An evaluation of PPI in research in the CLAHRC EoE

East of EnglandGeneric Health Relevance
Start Date: 1 Apr 2017 End Date: 31 Mar 2019

The research project

The CLAHRC East of England is committed to involving service users and carers in its research. The aim of this evaluation was to map across all the six research themes in CLAHRC East of England to: Firstly, identify which CLAHRC EoE funded studies have actively involved service users and carers in the different stages of the research process; and secondly, to evaluate the extent of involvement and how this has been demonstrated in research outputs, specifically academic publications.

This evaluation followed on and consolidated findings from the IMPRESS project (2014-5) which explored how PPI was being used within research projects in the CLAHRC EoE. The main investigator networked with other CLAHRC PPI leads to identify the extent of PPI in research in CLAHRCs nationally and to place PPI in the CLAHRC EoE in a national context.

PPI in the Project: Members of the Public Involvement in Research group (PIRg), based at the University of Hertfordshire, have been actively involved in this project, particularly in the critical appraisal of the publications identified by the mapping exercise and by acting as ‘critical friends’ throughout the process to the main investigator (Julia Jones).

Project aims

  1. To identify all CLAHRC EoE funded research studies conducted within CLAHRC EoE and evaluate the type and extent of PPI (service user, carer and public involvement) in the research process of the identified studies.
  2. To critically appraise the research outputs (academic publications) to evaluate the quality of reporting of PPI and potential impact from these outputs.
  3. To actively involve members of the public in this evaluation by working collaboratively with members of the Public Involvement in Research group (PIRg) at the University of Hertfordshire.
  4. To evaluate the extent of PPI in research in the CLAHRC EoE compared to the other 12 CLAHRCs

Key findings and Outputs

The researchers identified 114 academic publications, published between 1st January 2014 and 31st October 2017, which had acknowledged funding from the CLAHRC East of England. We then read all 114 publications and identified 16 publications which reported the involvement of patients, service users, carers or members of the public in the process of the research in some way. This represents 14% of the publications in total that have reported Patient and Public Involvement (PPI). Four members of the Public Involvement in Research group (PIRg) then critically evaluated the 16 publications using the GRIPP2 checklist (Staniszewska, Brett et al. 2017) which is the first international guidance for reporting patient and public involvement in health and social care research. This evaluation is the first that has involved members of the public using the GRIPP2 checklist. This stage of the evaluation has just been completed and the results of the evaluation will be reported soon.


For further information about the study, please contact

Dr Julia Jones