Evaluation of a real-time staff feedback application to improve the patient journey through enhanced staff engagement

WestGeneric Health Relevance
Start Date: 1 Jan 2015


There is strong evidence that NHS organisations with high levels of staff engagement, where staff are strongly committed to their work and involved in decision-making, deliver better quality care. University Hospitals Bristol NHS Foundation Trust has developed a real-time staff feedback application, which allows clinical and administrative staff to log how their shift is going and what problems they are having in providing care. This information is shared with senior managers so that action can be taken quickly and effectively to avert more serious problems.

Study aims

CLAHRC West has already evaluated aspects of the initial pilot of the feedback application. We will now evaluate its wider impact, to establish if it can be used as an early warning tool to identify potential problems with patient flow and quality of care, and if these can be averted by early intervention.

Anticipated impacts

Once we have collected evidence of the benefits of the application, we will develop plans to work with other hospitals in the region to roll it out and test its potential to improve patient care and patient flow.

Dr Sabi Redwood