Exploratory review of the home birth service at Birmingham Women’s NHS Foundation Trust.

West MidlandsReproductive Health and Childbirth
Start Date: 1 Jan 2014 End Date: 1 Dec 2018

Project summary

Birmingham Women’s NHS Foundation Trust (BWNFT) introduced a new caseload homebirth service (HBS) in 2014 to provide women with this as a realistic option. In autumn 2014 the CLAHRC Maternity and Child Health team did what is called an ‘evaluability assessment’ of this service which captured a ‘snapshot’ of what was happening. By looking at the original Service plans, and talking to those involved the researchers looked at current practice with respect to what the HBS is, what it does, how it relates to other services, any barriers or facilitators to it working, and the data that is (or could be) used to evaluate it. The team of researchers have fed back findings to the service and will do the same process each year to capture the ‘story’ of the HBS as it evolves over time. They will work with Birmingham Women’s Hospital to assess whether the process had any impact on the development of the homebirth service.

Dr Sara Kenyon