Home birth exploratory review: Comparing framework qualitative analysis with a rapid analysis approach

West MidlandsReproductive Health and Childbirth
Start Date: 1 Jan 2014

Project details

The CLAHRC Maternity and Child Health’s recent Review of the Home Birth Service at BWNFT involved talking to those involved and looking at Service documents: this is called qualitative data. The traditional ways this type of data is analysed are lengthy as it takes time to interpret the information and finalise conclusions. This may mean that by the time the results are given to those involved they are out of date and therefore of limited use. The researchers have therefore used a new and quicker way of looking at the data but they don’t know whether it gives the same findings. This project will compare the newer rapid analysis done in late 2014 with the more traditional widely-used, lengthy approach, called Framework analysis. An independent researcher will look again at the original Review data using a Framework approach, and the CLAHRC team will compare the two ways both in terms of the time taken to do them as well as the conclusions each gives.

Dr Sara Kenyon