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Start Date: 1 Jun 2015

About the ImpRes tool

The ImpRes tool aims to help you successfully apply implementation science concepts, principles and methods to implementation research by providing a step-by-step approach to designing high quality and rigorous implementation projects. ImpRes was developed following a scoping review of the implementation science literature to identify the core principles of implementation science, and following an iterative process of consulting international experts in the field of implementation science.

ImpRes contains 10 domains that cover the core principles and methods of implementation science that research teams should consider when planning and designing implementation research in the context of health care. You may find that some sections of the tool will be more relevant to your implementation project than others, though considering all of them will ensure that your implementation research is high quality. ImpRes is intended to be used in conjunction with the ImpRes supplementary guide.

We recommend you save a version of the ImpRes tool for reference purposes before you start to complete it in case you accidentally delete some of the notes/prompts.

If any of the links within the ImpRes tool do not open straightaway, please copy them into your browser.  

About the ImpRes guide 

The ImpRes guide provides a systematic step-by-step approach to designing implementation research and is intended to be used in conjunction with the ImpRes tool.

The guide aims to:

• facilitate the use of the ImpRes tool to support research teams in the process of designing implementation research that aims to implement evidence based interventions into practice, including implementation project grant proposals and applications;

• highlight the importance of implementation science in optimising the successful implementation of evidence based interventions into clinical practice;

• define terminology commonly used in the implementation science literature;

• direct researchers to relevant literature and online resources that can be used to help guide the design of implementation research.

Who are the ImpRes tool and guide for?

• All researchers involved in designing and conducting implementation research.

• Researchers with varying levels of expertise in implementation science.

• Researchers from varying disciplines working to implement, study or evaluate evidence-based treatments, guidelines, and practices. 

Dr Louise Hull