Improving the mental health of children and young people with long term conditions

South West Peninsula
Start Date: 28 Nov 2018

“Living with a long term medical condition is often much harder than many people think it is. Not only do you have to cope with the health condition itself, but you also have to tackle all the other issues it brings along with it, such as psychological disorders or simply chronic pain, and in a young teenager’s normal life of long, tiring days and constantly fluctuating moods, these are enough to really push you over the edge." - Excerpt from Afterword of the Final Report – written by a member of our Children and Young People Advisory Group

A team of researchers conducted a systematic review that would examine the cost-effectiveness and effectiveness of current relevant interventions. They are also reviewed research that explores the attitudes to and experiencing the interventions from the perspectives of children and young people. From this they were able to identify gaps in the research, and also maps of the links between treatments. Read more about the project here.