MAKIT Better

Greater ManchesterRenal and Urogenital
Start Date: 1 Aug 2015 End Date: 1 Aug 2016

Managing Acute Kidney Injury Together for better health (MAKIT Better)

Aim of the project

We’re supporting and evaluating the improvement of care for acute kidney injury (AKI) in secondary care and at the interface between secondary and primary care. We’ll be supporting two quality improvement (QI) initiatives which aim to improve the identification of AKI and reduce the number of cases of AKI: one at Central Manchester University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, and one at Salford Royal NHS Foundation Trust. This project has a key focus on patient and carer experience, which will be used to inform the work.


We know that AKI increases mortality by up to 30% and that, in the UK, up to 100,000 deaths each year are associated with AKI. Up to 30% of these deaths could be prevented with the right care and treatment (NCEPOD, Adding Insult to Injury, 2009). AKI is common, harmful, costly and preventable and accounts for one in five emergency admissions into hospital.

AKI is not just an issue of kidney care, it can be a complicating factor of other areas of care and can emerge out of other issues: preventing this syndrome is key for saving the NHS money and improving patient care.


This project has four elements:

  1. Understanding the experience of care for patients who have an episode of care complicated by AKI
  2. Evaluation of the implementation of AKI assurance and QI initiatives
  3. View at the design of sustainable models of AKI care to support better coordination of hospital care and an improved interface with primary and community care
  4. Investigation of a platform for potential larger scale evaluation.
Dr Simon Bailey