Overarching evaluation framework for public health mental health and wellbeing interventions

North West CoastMental Health
Start Date: 1 Jul 2017 End Date: 1 Dec 2018

In the North West lots of work is being undertaken to improve the mental health of local communities. Because mental health spans wellness and illness, and outcomes may take decades to occur, measuring the impact of this work is difficult. Understanding outcomes is important, particularly as local authority budgets are under pressure. Improved outcomes can lead to cost-savings in the long-term.

CLAHRC NWC aims to develop an evaluation guidance framework for public health mental health and wellbeing interventions; and to pilot it by evaluating interventions in three local areas across the North West Coast. With a view to building capacity to evaluate health interventions so that public health, mental health gains are supported despite competing priorities.


Public Health England with various Local Authorities including Knowsley Council and Blackpool Council.

Ms Emily Davis