OxFAB - What do people do to manage their weight?

OxfordGeneric Health Relevance
Start Date: 30 Jun 2014


Overweight and obesity are a major cause of preventable illness and death throughout the world. Estimates vary by country, but suggest that at any one time over a quarter of British and American adults are trying to lose weight. Most people who are trying to lose weight do it on their own. Unfortunately, in a lot of these cases people don’t lose as much weight as they want to, or lose the weight but put it back on. Relatively little is known about what strategies people managing their weight on their own can use to increase their chances of success, so we set out to find out more.


To find out more about what strategies people use to manage their weight and how these might be related to weight loss success.

Benefits for the patients

The researchers hope that the results might give us some clues about what strategies seem to work well, and about what strategies don’t seem to work. Eventually, this could help healthcare practitioners to give better advice to people who want to manage their weight and help researchers to design better weight management interventions.


Jamie Hartmann-Boyce