PhD study: Designing an intervention to increase physical activity in people with depression and long term physical health conditions

Greater ManchesterMetabolic and Endocrine
Start Date: 1 Sep 2014 End Date: 1 Sep 2018

Aim of the study

The aim of the study is to develop an intervention to reduce prolonged periods of sedentariness in adults with depression and one or more long-term physical health conditions (for example, diabetes, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and coronary heart disease).

Why is it important?

Sitting down or lying down for long periods of time during the day is harmful to our health. People with depression and long term physical health conditions are likely to spend prolonged periods of time sedentary. Yet, being more physically active could help relieve symptoms of depression and improve physical wellbeing. This study explores why people with these conditions are sedentary and how to help them to be a bit more physically active.

Who is the PhD student?

Before starting the PhD, Isabel completed a BSc in Psychology (2007) and MPhil (2014) at the University of Manchester. The aim of the MPhil study was to outline and test the use of a conceptual framework of attachment theory in collaborative care for depression in people with a co-occurring chronic physical health condition. Isabel has worked as a research assistant on different projects and has also worked as a clinical studies officer for the Mental Health Research Network within the NHS.

Who else is involved?

The PhD is supervised by Dr Sarah Knowles at the Centre for Primary Care and Professor Chris Armitage at the Centre for Health Psychology.

Isabel Adeyemi