Post dementia diagnosis intervention for people affected by dementia and their families

Start Date: 1 May 2015

Post dementia diagnosis intervention for people affected by dementia and their families


Although all families affected by dementia need support, some seem to be better at coping than others. We want to find out if we can spot those families who are most likely to have difficulties at an early stage.

We want to develop a way of working with these people as soon as possible so that we can help them to adapt to the illness and to have a better life. We hope that this will help people to live in their own homes for longer.

Project aims

We will start by looking back at the previous research that has taken place to see what lessons we can learn from it. We will also carry out a survey to identify what seems to be working well. We will then bring all of this evidence together so that we can develop an intervention that will help families to adapt to dementia.

We will look back at the work we have done and see if the intervention can be improved. We will do this by setting up two groups: one made up of people affected by dementia and their families, and the other made up of health professionals.

Finally, we will try this new intervention out with families who seem to be having difficulties. By doing this work we hope to improve the support that families who are affected by dementia receive. We also hope that it will enable us to do research that will make a difference nationally.

Anticipated impacts

This research project will help identify which families are at highest risk of poor outcomes when diagnosed with dementia. It will also inform the development of an intervention to support the families at highest risk of poor outcomes. Overall, it aims to help families cope better with a dementia diagnosis.

Dr Jelena Savovic