Quantification of variations in outcomes of respiratory care in Wessex: three COPD projects using the Hampshire Health Record

Start Date: 30 Apr 2014

Project description

We will be using routinely collected, anonymised information in the Hampshire Health Record Analytical database (HHRA) to study all patients (over 16,000) with a diagnosis of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) in their GP records. We will examine the health outcomes in these patients over a three year period (2011-2013), looking at deaths and hospital A&E attendance or admission because of worsening breathing problems. We will also examine the impact on these COPD patients of other long-term diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes or osteoporosis. Most people with COPD have breathing tests that confirm the diagnosis, however some patients with similar symptoms do not, and our study will aim to understand this situation and will compare the health outcomes of both these groups of patients. A further study will aim to identify episodes of pneumonia (serious lung infection) in patients with COPD and study risk factors that may be associated with it.

Professor Mike Thomas