East MidlandsMental Health
Start Date: 1 Jan 2016 End Date: 31 Dec 2018

Randomised controlled trial of an established direct to public peer support and e-therapy programme (Big White Wall) versus information to aid self-management of depression and anxiety

What we are doing:

The Big White Wall (BWW) is an online e-therapy support programme for people with depression and anxiety in the UK. We want to find out the pros and cons of BWW compared to information on stress, anxiety and depression provided by the NHS Choices Moodzone website. The BWW and Moodzone sites will be compared, considering the proportion of people in an area with depression and anxiety they reach, their effects on people’s symptoms and impact on their lives. Also costs and use of services by people in the study will be examined.

Why are we doing it:

There has never been a full evaluation of the reach of BWW to find out howwell it works and its costs. Only 25 per cent of people with depression and anxiety obtain adequate treatment through health services. The BWW guides and supports people, helping them to develop their own self-management programmes with anonymity at their own pace.

What the benefits will be:

Peer support from other people can improve depression and anxiety buton mainstream social media there can be problems with embarrassment, humiliation and cyber-bullying which can increase mental health problems. BWW was created to provide a community of safe online support from a community of people with depression and anxiety in the UK.

Professor Richard Morriss