Risk Assessment Model for Pregnancy

North West LondonReproductive Health and Childbirth
Start Date: 1 Oct 2015 End Date: 31 Mar 2017

A NIHR CLAHRC NWL study developed a Decision Support Tool (DST) based on hormonal measurements,

validated in a cohort of 3,272 patients (negative predictive value of 99.2% and sensitivity of 97.2%).The Decision Support Tool (DST) aims to facilitate timely intervention for those in need and rapid reassurance for those at low risk, reducing unnecessary use of NHS resources. The DST is linked to a management protocol, which adjusts the number of follow-up appointments and diagnostic tests based on the risk of an adverse event.

The DST, developed using the latest evidence available to clinicians, is now routinely used in three hospital sites in NWL. The research programme continues to validate the tool and spread the intervention to other hospital sites outside NWL. The research programme continues to validate the tool and spread the intervention to other hospital sites.

Dr Tom Bourne