Robot Guided ‘Pen Skill’ Training in Children with Motor Difficulties

Yorkshire & HumberMusculoskeletal, Neurological
Start Date: 1 Nov 2013

Project decription

Motor deficits are linked to a range of negative physical, social and academic consequences. Haptic robotic interventions, based on the principles of sensorimotor learning, have been shown previously to help children with motor problems learn new movements.

The robotic system appears to have the potential to support motor learning, with the technology affording numerous advantages. However, the training regime may need to target particular manual skills (e.g. letter formation) in order to obtain clinically significant improvements in specific skills such as handwriting.

All the children reported that they enjoyed taking part in the training and were able to complete the tasks, with only one child withdrawing from the study (due to leaving the country). There were some missing data due to recording errors; participants needed to have valid data at all four time points in order to be included in the analysis for each test.

Dr Liam JB Hill