A school based programme to reduce sedentary time in primary school students

East Midlands
Start Date: 1 Sep 2014

Move to teach, move to learn

Project description

The CLAHRC research tem will be working with schools in the East Midlands to develop, implement and evaluate a programme that provides opportunities to break up sedentary time, and in turn, increase physical activity for year 5 students (aged 9-10 years). Support will be provided to teachers to use flexible adaptive components of the intervention within different contexts and settings rather than prescribing a standard "one fits all" approach. 


It is generally believed that too much sitting is detrimental for children's health. Young children today are increasingly driven to school and and learning often means sitting at a desk for long periods at schools. To date few school based interventions have focused on reducing sendentary behaviour throughout the hole day. It is likely to be challenging for teachers to change their teaching methods to provide opprtunities for students to break up sedentary time and iincorporate more physical activity throughout the day. A natural and flexible approach to accommodate the different settings, teaching methods, curriculum subjects and physical environment is required for sustainable implementation. Most importantly, school teachers and support staff need to be empowered to implement their own interventions which will be appropiate to their school contexts and sudents.

Expected outcomes

Reducing sedentary times and increasing physical activity during the school day will hopefully produce positive changes in the health and the wellbeing of students and lead to behaviour change that will be sustained into adulthood. In adition, this work will hopefully engage and mobilize a range of stakeholders to create feasible and sustainable changes to policy and practise which will lead to a decrease in the time pupils spend sitting in UK schools.

Dr Lauren Sherar