Sheffield Test Bed - evaluation team

Yorkshire & HumberGeneric Health Relevance
Start Date: 3 Jan 2018

Evaluation of a £2.5m 'test-bed' innovation project with NHS Trust and CCG partners. This is for economic appraisal alongside wider evaluation activity, with the proposal currently being worked up. It is a 2 year project. 

The ‘Test Beds’ are new collaborations between the NHS and innovators which aim to harness technology to address issues facing patients and the health service.  The Perfect Patient Pathway (PPP) Test Bed was created in January 2016 and was fully operational two months later with funding until March 2018 (extended until June 2018). 

It covers the Sheffield city region and aims to improve the lives of people with long term health conditions using technology. 

A service evaluation approach was chosen for the programme. 

Eight PPP Test Bed evaluation projects (seven projects focussed on the use of technology plus a programme wide evaluation) have been developed. The evaluation’s aim is to identify PPP Test Bed programme theories and what works for whom in what circumstances.

In relation to the health economics, there has been a need to adapt to the study designs to perform some form of ‘value for money’ analysis (i.e. not necessarily a formal economic evaluation). 

There are 3 projects:

1. Digital Care Home – capturing care home resident’s vital signs and sharing these digitally with nursing teams and local GPs who can check for early signs of patient deterioration to avoid secondary care emergency events.

2. QTUG device – falls-risk assessment device based on improved sensitivity (true positive) and specificity (true negative) to detect future falls in order people.

3. Insulcheck Connect - for insulin dependent individuals with diabetes.  A device fits on to insulin injector pens and records how long it is since the last injection was administered; this info is also relayed to a Bluetooth smartphone app for the patient.

Dr Matt Franklin