SPACE FOR COPD in primary care: a pragmatic trial

East MidlandsRespiratory
Start Date: 1 Apr 2014

Project summary

People with COPD face many challenges with managing the symptoms of their condition. New skills such as how to exercise, how to manage their stress and how to manage their breathing are important to learn. SPACE FOR COPD is a manual which aims to teach people these skills, and to provide them with information about their condition and how best to manage it. A previous research study showed that there were clear benefits to using the manual in the short-term, and some of these gains were maintained after six months. In this study, however, the intervention delivery was brief, with only an initial consultation of 30-45 minutes. The short-term benefits that were seen might be better maintained if some on-going support is provided. It is now important to investigate whether these improvements can be better maintained in the longer term with additional support, and also if the manual can be delivered as part of routine clinical care, rather than as part of a research study. This study will recruit people with COPD, half of which will receive the SPACE FOR COPD manual with support for six months. The other half will continue as usual and will not receive the SPACE FOR COPD manual. We will assess people at the start, after six months and after nine months to investigate both the short-term and longer-term effects. Additionally, we will be seeking the opinions of staff who deliver the intervention about their perceived acceptability of delivering the intervention in this way.

Professor Sally Singh