St Luke’s Hospice Woodgrange Centre: Applying Quality Improvement Methods in Hospice

North West LondonGeneric Health Relevance
Start Date: 1 Oct 2016 End Date: 31 Mar 2018

Frail people at end of life need rapid access to palliative care services. CLAHRC NWL were commissioned by St. Luke’s hospice to use the systematic approach to quality improvement (QI) to improve access to end of life day services, create a culture of continuous improvement, and build QI capacity.

Building on the successful application of the CLAHRC NWL systematic approach at project level we are investigating uptake and embedding of the approach at organisational level. Collaborating with St Luke’s Hospice, our approach has been used at an organisational level and led to reducing waiting times from 22 to 11 days. Analysts at St. Luke’s Hospice were trained to create and interpret control charts using their organisational data warehouse, enabling sustainable support for improvement work.

Dr Charles Daniels