Stress Hyperglycaemia in the Acute Care Setting

North West LondonMetabolic and Endocrine
Start Date: 1 Jan 2014 End Date: 31 Mar 2015

Project aim

To investigate the prevalence and differences between people with and without stress hyperglycaemia in the acute care setting with a view to providing information to aid management in the future.

Outcome & Impact statement

The work from this study is currently being prepared for publication as a PhD thesis. Headline results have been published/presented in various forms as outlined below. Further work to follow.

What happened next?

This work led to a number of collaborations with several departments within the hospital as well as another academic institution, where a multicentre RCT was conducted. Work from this RCT (where CW were the top recruiting site) is also included within this thesis.

Dr Anjali Balasanthiran