A Survey of pharmacist use of My Medication Passport

North West London
Start Date: 1 Sep 2017 End Date: 31 Jan 2018

Communication of medication changes across interfaces is a well recognised issue within the NHS. Whenever a patient transfers care settings there is a risk that information about their medicines is not transferred, or inaccurately transferred.

My Medication Passport is a written record of a patient's medicines. It is designed to improve communication between patients, carers and healthcare professionals and maintain a record of changes made to the patient's medication. Features of the My Medication Passport include:

  • relevant information about the patient
  • relevant information about the patient's GP/ other healthcare professional
  • list of medicines the patient cannot take and the reasons why
  • compliance aids in use
  • list of the patient's current medicines
  • changes made to current medicines and why
  • blank pages for the patient to record additional medical information such as vaccinations, screenings etc. 

The passport aims are to help patients/carers have a complete record of their medicines as well as an understanding of the reasons for any changes being made to their medicines. It's designed to empower patients/carers to take control of their medication and help seamless transfer of medication information across healthcare interfaces.

Mr Barry Jubraj